// Trash Talk//

For our final activity we made Art out of Trash. First of all, I have to say it was very bittersweet to end our time with Amy. She was such a breath of fresh air for my Senior year and I couldn’t have been more excited as to how this class turned out. Also, this reminded me of an art expo I saw one time from Environmental Graffiti. I highly recommend you guys check the pictures out!!

Ok, down to business. After collecting 24 hours worth of trash, we were instructed to make something. anything. I personally was inspired by the videos we watched about how much trash we have floating in the ocean and the animals suffer due do our selfish actions. So my art piece turned into a social commentary of sorts. Using a used plastic glove, pieces of an empty turkey jerky, and forks I made my picketing turkey. Repeat after me, “Do Not Eat”

This week activity was an active one! After the first hour of yoga (some much need vinyasa!!) we did physical expression of many different mediums. We included poetry, imitation, cannon, and teaching our pupils. 

This teaching philosophy is often forgotten. In my classroom I could imagine not only using this as a main lesson medium but as an in between lesson technique. It has been shown that any physical activity brightens a child’s mood and stimulates cognition. 

// Field Trip! No Pictures Please!!!//

This week we went to OCMA as a class. We had the privilege of catching the tail end of the Richard Diebenkorn exhibit and it was fantastic.  The museum thought it would be best to give us the tour as they would an elementary aged student. Using this method we as the teachers were able to take a step back and analyze how our students would think about such mature things. It was fascinating to hear how all of my classmates mind’s worked. After the tour we got to create an abstract painting using a shell theme. Although messy, it was very fun. 


Today we used an art technique I have never done nor taught before, relief printing. After making up a fictional character of any kind (but inspired by the dragon) we imprinted many copies onto different colors of paper. After some general hesitation at my table, we had a lot of fun helping each other make up characters and their powers. 

If I were to use this art technique in a lesson I would involve it in a Greek Mythology sequence. In the sixth grade I remember being very fascinated with Greek Mythology and the illustrations were the most memorable part of the lessons.   I still remember the pictures of Hera’s flowing blonde hair and the angry seas of Poseidon’s wrath. With that in mind, I would introduce them to mythology by having them pick a story of their choice in a book of mythology and illustrate what they read about. I think this would be a great way to show individual creativity and perception of what the children are taking from the material. I am excited to include this art form in my future teachings. 

P.S. Check out Jade’s Booby Woman!! So Rad


Making Art with someone else’s words. Project 2: Newspaper Art This week we took our school newspaper and created our own message. Although my classmates had such great ideas (top right) I REALLY REALLY enjoyed the fact that Cindy and I, who sit next to each other, used the same template but ended up with different outcomes.. take a look!  

// Day 1: Project NameBook//

Welp, after the 3 hours it takes to pick a theme on this thing (a la Sophies Choice), I realize that this was a perfect example of the biggest obstacle I’m going to have to overcome in this class. Productivity.

Example 1: Project Namebook Project “Clean up? Did she just say clean up!?!”

 I noticed that most of my classmates were getting nervous while going over the syllabus. However, my panic set in when our professor said “Time to clean up” after I had just cut up the perfect amount of confetti for my “Vegas” name, Sunshine (admit were curious). After minutes of furious cutting and prepping I realized that my end product did not show the maximum effort I was convinced I had just done. I wound up scribbling my name on the front page, having one of 6 name pages done, and having flashbacks of having to take every art project home to be finished ages 3-12. Which is exactly what I did. I came home after class, busted out the glitter glue and made Sunshine sparkle. However, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that I couldn’t get this done in class. I mean, there’s really only so many pictures of art I can send to my mom at 23. So I have found my first goal of the quarter: GET ALL PROJECTS DONE IN CLASS.. wish me luck!

"Art is anything you can get away with"

-Andy Warhol